CRT Racing Team

Began with one man pushing the limit of jets performance at the Hydro Drags in 2011.

A jet-ski he built himself, with some help from his family and friends, went onto win 1st place and broke records with an unseen 100+mph. Back then Carlito del Valle was alone at the Hydro Drags with only 1 jet-ski he wasn’t even sure would be able to finish the race; this year he will have hundreds of his family, friends and fans wearing his team shirt and cheering for him at the races! Also, more than 50 of his teammates and crew mechanics with multiple jet-skis racing, pushing the limit to break world records in speed.

CRT is a Family Company

Made up of passionate racers and mechanics with Carlito del Valle at the Head. With the most titles in races and the fastest speed achieved in his engine, Carlito is the top mechanical engineer in the team, the one behind the artistry in all of CRT’s custom projects. With help from his younger brother, also Carlos del Valle III, media consultant, in marketing/media development along with Dale County Riders’ founder Javi Suarez. As well as his parents who help with business logistics and Infrastructure for the Team. With this core team, and a large web of mechanics we maintain a year round mechanics & performance body shop for an international jet-ski community.

The reputation that Carlito del Valle has built as a fearless racer, always pushing his machines to the limit has earned him a team and fans from all around the world: New York, France, U.K, Brazil. the Caribbean, Dubai, etc. He offers his team the tips & tricks in speed he’s learned as well as tuning & performance packages that have helped him set the 112.7MPH world record and reach 125+ MPH in multiple unofficial tests. The Team continues to grow everyday, and we welcome you to join us at a tour next event or race.

Jet Ski Repair and Maintenance. Focused on keeping you running strong on the water and dedicated to Big Performance.


From simple maintenance work, to fill custom builds; we make sure you’re riding strong.

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